About Eileen Duffy aka Redsknits

Eileen, known as:

  • Redsknits on Ravelry
  • Sister Mary Eileen by some
  • Mom to Carrie
  • SDW(Sweet Darlin’ Woman) to Chris the SDM
  • Daughter to Dottie, who taught her to knit and is still smiling at 93!

I am an avid, sometimes rabid, knitter, a sometime spinner of fiber and a frequent woodturner. After living for 30 years on sunny St. John in the US Virgin Islands*, I am trying to become a Californian and adjust to living again in America. Three years into that goal I no longer cry when approaching the 405! I have become addicted to Trader Joe’s and the Farmer’s Market in Studio City. I am amazed and delighted at the number of independent restaurants serving food of all nations. And last but not least, I have found a community of knitters.

As a knitting book reader, a blog reader, a podcast listener, a Youtube and video watcher my goal is to develop a blog and, coming soon, a podcast that discusses knitting information – from every source I know and to have some fun adding my experiences with these sources. I hope that you will listen and participate – as I hope we will build together a treasure trove of knitting information!

*Shameless plug: St. John is the smallest of the three US Virgin Islands, 23sq. miles of gorgeous! Home to the Virgin Islands National Park, which occupies two thirds of the island and keeps the best beaches pristine, St. John is a perfect place for a villa vacation. We drive on the left in American cars, and have only two lane roads and no red lights. Try renting a villa from the company I founded, Catered To, and be well taken care of by Tyler (who allowed me to retire) and his excellent staff. Diana and Jason can arrange the perfect house for your holiday! Mention that Eileen sent you – I like them to know I still have part of my heart on St. John.!