Holiday in Scotland

9/11/14 London to Edinburgh 


If you want to rack up steps on your fitbit, land at Heathrow.  Walking from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2 has got to be worth  6 thousand steps. That said, T2 is new, clean and filled with really nice restaurants and lots of toney shops.  If I lived near Heathrow I might go there to eat and shop.

So after the flight & taxi drive we were at our B&B, Dunedin, by threeish and had dropped our luggage in our spacious room #7.  We almost dropped ourselves as our room was on the third floor – one normal flight and then one flight of twisting circular stairs better suited to leprechauns (oops wrong Celtic country) than my size 10 feet.

But off we went to the Royal Mile, aka MacDisney Main St. dressed in Tartan. Well not exactly, but if the tartan fumes don’t drop you to your knees, the whiskey tasting will!  Among, around, in front and down the closes next to some really fabulous old buildings, just steeped in history, are shops selling more kilts and tartan scarves, than would be needed to cover the road all the way to Inverness!

Looking for coffee and tea for a dose of cafeine, we found the delightful Patisserie Valerie, where I embarked upon my Best Scones in Scotland Tour.  These were excellent with clotted cream and jam, good thing we’re walking!

Steps for the day: 14976!

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