Podcast Outline


Podcast Outline

Concept: A podcast about knitting information wherever it may be found: books, patterns, videos, YouTube, podcasts, classes, etc.

Imagine a Library just about knitting. A place for knitters to browse, peruse, read, learn, and, of course, knit. There would be one or two copies of all the knitting books, magazines and videos available in one comfortable well lit place. Comfy chairs and tables abound as well as a TV room to watch the videos and a separate class room for taking classes. And certainly there would be a small Tea and Coffee Bar where you make your own and leave money in the jar. Someone would surely have brought scones or shortbread cookies to share. After five there would be wine.

This Library is like a Gentlemen’s Club you would find in an Austen film – only it’s for knitters of any sex. You don’t borrow the books you read them here. Or you just sit and knit, any time you’d like, with any yarn you’d like. The open hours are long – 9AM to 9PM seven days a week. You can check in any time you want – you won’t want to leave.

I’ll be a librarian podcasting every two weeks from the Knitters Library, a clean well lit place for knitting. Each podcast will have a theme, with appropriate book/media reviews, a smidge of how the theme works in my life, and perhaps the occasional interview.

The accompanying website will have an interactive list of all the information mentioned as well as show notes. There will be a Ravelry group for the podcast that I hope you will join.

About Eileen

This is my website. I have done wood turning for many years in the Virgin Islands. I have more recently turned to fiber arts, both knitting and spinning (like knitting isn't strange enough.
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