To Be a Podcaster or Not


Over the last year I have been thinking about starting a podcast.  I have a concept in mind, an outline drawn, and a website compliments of the SDM (Sweet Darlin’ Man).  What is stopping me? Two things: the technology and my travel schedule.

Well, to say that I am not adept at technology would be an understatement.  While I have always learned how to use whatever technology I have needed it has not been without a requisite amount of gnashing of teeth and cursing.  I use technology as I use my car, without any desire to know how it really works.  It’s just not like knitting where I am willing to frog and tink, and tweek forever until I get the product I had in mind.

Travel , both planned and spontaneous, is one of the wonderful rewards of having worked hard and retired early.  Well, actually not that early but before the magic 65.  The SDM and I are on the go often and I do not want to start a podcast that I cannot produce on a regular basis.  I listen to a lot of podcasts and I do so admire those that are produced on a regular basis with few interruptions and I would strive to do the same.  But I am writing this blog from our Montana Cabin, we return to CA on Friday and depart the next Thursday for Alaska.  See what I mean?

That said, I think my concept would lend itself to being prerecorded when I have travel plans, and I could keep one in the box for any spontaneous travel opportunities.  Hmm, more thinking.

About Eileen

This is my website. I have done wood turning for many years in the Virgin Islands. I have more recently turned to fiber arts, both knitting and spinning (like knitting isn't strange enough.
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