The Wild Ride

We pick up our Catered To guests, take them to get their rental cars and escort them to their rental villas where we give them a brief introduction to the house and life on St. John. Many years ago, I did almost all the arrivals myself and we had in our group a nice little house just above the Fish Bay road. The guests, who were coming in to this house had been delayed on route by their flights and as a result were coming in after dark.

They arrived, tired and frazzled but I had gotten the car keys from the rental agency, St. John Car rental and was able to get them on the road to the villa quickly. As usual, the husband was driving the rental car, a dark green Suzuki sidekick, and following me. The wife was with me so I could point out some things on the way to their rental home.

Remember, it is pitch dark by now and St. John has little in the way of street lights, so I am checking the rear view to make sure the husband is behind me. At the top of the first switchback and very close the rental home I stopped to let him catch up and the green Suzuki with the St. John Car rental logo on the back went zooming past me and rapidly up the next curve. I’m wondering why he passed me and why he’s going so fast. So I put the pedal to the metal and speed up to him honking my horn as he passes the driveway to the villa.

Remember the wife that’s in the passenger seat? Well her knuckles were so white when I started the car chase that they practically glowed in the dark. I’m trying to act very calm but express my concern about why her husband would pass us and why all of the sudden he was driving so fast. She’s getting agitated with him too and I know I don’t want to be him tonight.

Finally after chasing and honking for half a mile the car stops dead in the road and Lonnie Willis, the owner of St. John Car Rental yells out “Who are you and what do you want?” Uh-oh! What are the odds that I would be passed by another almost identical jeep Suzuki from the same rental company? After a hasty explanation to Lonnie, I manage a five point turn in the middle of the road and head back to find the husband, wherever he may be.

Of course, now I’m also apologizing to the poor wife who has had a ride with a speeding, horn-honking lunatic who has also lost her husband. We back track half the distance we had gone – no husband. I head back up the road towards the villa again and spot him coming out of an offshoot road. More apologies and a few minutes later they were safely ensconced in their villa. I wish I knew if they ever returned to St. John, but I just can’t remember. I do hope that years later they were able to see the humorous side of this incident – Lonnie and I have certainly added it to our repertoire of St. John Stories.

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