Cool Owners

As a property manager I have a large group of friends/acquaintances that I generically call Owners – capital O. These are the folks who own the villas that we manage here at Catered To. They entrust the care and renting of their multimillion dollar investments to us and we do our downright best to keep them in excellent condition and well rented.

A number of years ago, after my daughter graduated from college and after I had actually started to fund a retirement plan, I decided that I would never again work for anyone I didn’t like. My Mother raised me to understand exactly which side my bread is buttered on so getting the kid out of college and saving some money came before this lofty idea.

I think our Catered To owners are a capital bunch. We really enjoy them and I’m pretty sure were it not for geography they’re the kind of folks we’d like to have at our Christmas party and over for an occasional dinner.

One couple, relatively new to our group, I credit/blame with my new-found addiction to audio books. One day when they were on island in their fabulous St. John home they were burgled. When a guest or an owner is burgled it is as if I was burgled. I am bereft for them, and angry with the SOB who ruined their vacation and our island’s reputation. I could rant on and on but you get it and fortunately these occurrences are rare.

What was stolen, while they were in town, were their I Pods. The owners had not used the safe that they provide for their guests and that we ask all of our guests to use, and I think they had left the house unlocked to. They were very understanding and subsequently added more safes to their house so the guests won’t have to share. As I always say to guests,” St. John is Paradise, but it’s still part of the world, and we do need to lock doors and use the safes.”

But during all this, I was totally amazed that they actually had IPods. These owners are a tad older than me and I didn’t have one – just thought that this new technology was going to go the way of the two Walkmans stored in my drawers (just why haven’t I thrown these away?). So I asked them why Ipods and why two Ipods? Audio books, was the reply, mostly through a company called Audible. A new addiction was born. See how cool our owners are!

What I love most about audio books is that I can listen to them when I am knitting or in my shop woodturning. I am a confirmed multi-tasker – the SDM calls it OCD but that’s only because he is a slacker – just kidding. While I’m an avid fiction reader I find I am listening to all sorts of things that I normally do not read, like biographies and history and podcasts – but that’s another blog.

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This is my website. I have done wood turning for many years in the Virgin Islands. I have more recently turned to fiber arts, both knitting and spinning (like knitting isn't strange enough.
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