New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year to All!

In general, I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. They just end up being one more thing to feel guilty about. But when preparing the Christmas Blog the Sweet Darlin Man and I had to look through endless files to find the photo attached. Of course we had no idea where the Christmas photos were – certainly not in any file called Christmas.

My office files are impeccable; my accountant says I am one of the most organized individuals and companies that she prepares taxes for. I keep my woodworking workshop and my knitting stash in very good order. The clothes in my closet are arranged by color, my spices are alphabetized. So why are a lifetime worth of my photos in boxes and bags and disintegrating albums? And now with digital cameras and computers at least seven years worth are in various and sundry files that I can never remember the names of!

I’ve built a business on my ability to organize – I can do this! Three years ago I was going to spend the month of November at our cabin in Montana so I mailed all of my photos there. And there they sit behind the easy chair in a large plastic bin – along with the new albums and empty pages I bought to organize them. I wonder what keeps me from taking on this task – after all these are photos of happy occasions – it’s not like I took photos of funerals!

A realtor friend of mine had double hip replacement surgery and she told me that she organized all of her photos while she was laid up and unable to walk. My hips, other than being wider than I’d like, are just fine – so barring some catastrophe I think I’ll just have to make this my New Year’s Resolution. Get the photos organized. Just do it! And while I’m at it – eat less and exercise more!

Happy Healthy New Years Wishes from Catered To to you and your Family and may you keep all of your resolutions!

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This is my website. I have done wood turning for many years in the Virgin Islands. I have more recently turned to fiber arts, both knitting and spinning (like knitting isn't strange enough.
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