I Scream, You Scream, We all scream for ice cream!

I think I’ve mentioned that I would really rather save calories on alcohol and apply it to ice cream. Several times Calvin Trilin and his family stayed in one of our rental villas. After he left the first time I read his book, Alice Let’s Eat and he stated that his wife Alice was on a quest to find the best gelato in the world. I liked her when I met her and worshipped her as The Goddess after that. I am one of her many happy followers in this quest whenever I am lucky enough to be travelling in Europe or California. I would add that I am also on a quest whenever I visit America for the perfect berry pie – but that’s another blog.

When it comes to ice cream I am somewhat of a conservative traditionalist. I really, really like vanilla. Preferably Hagen Daz although sometimes I’ll eat Breyers and I’ll eat almost any flavor of homemade ice cream.

At the Lime Inn I don’t care what kind of vanilla they use as they smother it all with a really delicious hot fudge sauce – normally I don’t like sauce with my vanilla but this is an exception. At ZoZo’s they frequently make a homemade ice cream that is quite delicious – but normally they have some other wonderful dessert, like crème brulee, but that may also be another blog.

After I wrote this blog I was on Audible.com looking up Calvin Trilin to see if any of his books were available to download and alas, I found his newest, About Alice. His wonderful wife Alice died and he has written an equally wonderful book about her. I am indeed saddened, when I met her she seemed wonderful and after listening to him read the book, I know she really was.

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