Let’s Do Lunch

No, this is not the blog about the pig. It’s just getting close to lunch time and SDM and I are thinking of what to do about that. I’ve already had fries this week and, as I only allow myself fries every three weeks, so I really can’t go to Ocean Grill where they have a great cheeseburger with fries which I love and where the SDM has the steak salad . The great atmosphere at gorgeous Mongoose Junction and good parking make it a nice spot for lunch.

Also while you’re at Mongoose you could have a sandwich at the Deli Grotto, eat it there or take it out. I like the curried chicken on a croissant, the SDM likes the salads and wraps. And then there is Sun Dog Café in the courtyard – they always have a number of good specials and the “Pig Sandwich” on the menu is good but my favorite is the White Pizza with artichokes and lots of garlic.

We’ve also been to the Lime Inn this week for our favorite Spinach Salad with Blackened Mahi – I have them add feta cheese and kalamata olives with mine and it is yummy. The Lime Inn has the best iced tea in the world, barring none! While we NEVER have dessert with lunch unless it’s someone’s birthday, if you’re lucky enough to have a birthday while you’re visiting the Lime Inn Chocolate Almond Mousse is great too.

Now in our own backyard here at Marketplace we several good choices:Sam & Jack’s Deli on the 3rd floor has Gourmet comfort food to go by sister restaurant to Zozo’s. Hot & cold gourmet deli sandwiches for lunch and if you don’t feel like making dinner they have grab & go comfort food dinners.

Baked in the Sun Bakery and Deli is now on 104 just after the roundabout and they makes great sandwiches – on Monday we had a Reuben and a Monterey Chicken – really good on excellent, baked there bread and rolls. They also do a good tuna melt on a croissant.

While we’re at Marketplace at Starfish the deli makes sandwiches and if you’re really lucky there will be curried chicken salad. Doris, who works there, makes the best curried chicken ever. If I’m lucky she remembers to call me when she puts it out so I can RUN down to get some for lunch.

Alas, the sushi place closed. The SDM loves sushi so when we visit CA it’s sushi, sushi and more sushi. With all this water and all these fish someone needs to open Caribbean Sushi – a blog with business development ideas too!

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