Is there still sand on the beach?

When you live here fulltime and work fulltime it isn’t always easy to get to the beach as regularly as you’d like. We always look forward to having house guests as we always take them to multiple of our wonderful National Park Beaches.

Hawksnest Beach has always been the local’s beach – maybe because it’s close to town, maybe because it’s just so beautiful. It is the first beach in the National Park and has parking, picnic tables, a changing room and a bathroom. What else could you need? There is a decent sandy beach, a gradual drop-off in to the water (most of the year) some nice sea grape trees for me to get some shade and some rocks at the far end for the kids to play on. And there are always kids at Hawksnest.

My daughter and I moved to St. John in 1981when she was four. When you raise a child in the islands you go to the beach a lot. It’s like going to the playground in America. There was always a boat bag in the back of the jeep with a bathing suit for each of us and some ratty old beach towels. We went to the beach for a swim several afternoons a week after school and every Saturday and Sunday we did the chores in the morning, packed the cooler and had lunch on Hawksnest Beach. We’d stay until the last kid and parent went home.

She was always part fish. I was never a decent swimmer and vowed she would be – so we did the infant classes and toddler classes before we moved here and the rest must have come as naturally as breathing the salt air. As a kid I had to drag her from the beach at the end of the day and I’m certain that no matter how hard I scrubbed she always had some sand stuck in her long blond curls. It has been suggested by many a mother that our Virgin Island sand is stickier than that in other parts of the world – I think I’m willing to live with that drawback.

I find that sitting on a beach listening to the waves lap gently on the shore is very therapeutic. As my Dad would say, “It’s good for what ails ya!” That’s why every one of our rental homes has beach chairs and coolers. IMHO if you don’t spend most of your seven day vacation on a beach, any beach, you need to have your head examined. And I know the beach is cheaper than a shrink.

Are you just a little curious about the Pig?

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