Hot Sauce

Trinidad Charlie’s Hot Sauce mentioned in a previous blog reminded me of Bloody Marys which reminded me of tropical drinks which reminded me of our rock climbing buddies from California who love them – Tropical Drinks, that is. Alas, I did not get the Irish Drinking Gene from my Irish family; it skipped a generation, so I frequently have the Virgin forms of all of these. And I must confess if I’m going to blow calories on anything – it’s going to be ice cream or gelato – so I really prefer frozen drinks.

When I arrived on St. John for the first time in 1973, Cruzan Rum was frequently on sale on St. Thomas for 98 cents a bottle (have you ever noticed that most computer key boards do not have a cents sign – why is that?) . Alcohol is still fairly cheap here and this means that barkeeps on St. John pour a pretty stiff drink. Beware of how much you imbibe!

Our LA buddies like rum punches and every time they come they drink them everywhere and are on a fact finding mission to find the best one – four years in a row, it’s Woody’s Saloon. One of Woody’s rum punches finishes me off – the SDM tells me I’m a happy drunk.

My favorite drink is the regular frozen Margarita at Morgan’s Mango. One of those with an order of flying fish is just perfect! The SDM is a beer drinker so he’s happy with a Presidente or a Corona just about anywhere but do not try to give him an American beer. Pina Coladas are a perennial favorite here and the Lime Inn makes a great one – they even have one that’s a perfect mint green color made with crème de menthe. For something classy and refreshing have a Proseco at ZoZo’s upstairs bar while watching the sunset, they also have Proseco at Paradiso. It’s a champagne-like bubbly from Italy. We started drinking it on a trip to the Italian Alps and it always reminds us of wonderful times.

But I started this blog with Trinidad Charlie’s Hot Sauce. They were making the Bloodies at Skinny’s in Coral Bay with Charlie’ and they’re great. I also use it in my V8 every morning and in chili. So now we’ve brought up Skinny’s and that should segue into burgers – but burgers need a blog of their own. So let’s finish up with ice cream.

Ice Cream on St. John I equate with hardship. First of all, it’s really not on my diet anymore, at least not regularly and a pint of Hagen Daz Vanilla is $8.99at the grocery store below our office. Can you believe it? I can get a quart of Cruzan Rum at K Mart for $2.99 and I’d have to mortgage the house to buy ice cream regularly. My daughter finds this so amusing she sends me clippings of newspaper ads of her grocery store which has sales of 2 pints for $5.00 from time to time – what did I ever do to make her torture me like this? But then again, this may be part of the cosmic plan to keep me on my diet.

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