I hate shopping – usually.

I know I could be drummed out of the Society of Women for saying this but I really prefer hardware stores and yarn shops for hardcore shopping and mail order catalogs for clothes. That said, St. John has some interesting spots and if I were to conduct a shopping tour on St. John, here’s where I’d go.

First of all park the car and walk. Town is small, you’re on vacation so you’ve probably overindulged and over imbibed and could use a little stretch of the legs – and did I mention, town is small? Let’s start at Mongoose Junction for tour #1.
The Friends of the National Park have opened a really neat gift shop on the first level. I’m assuming you have your SDM with you – he’ll go in there with you there’s guy stuff. Now take him and just wander about, don’t go in any store, just wander – guys like that. But mentally note which shops you want to go back to. Don’t go over the bridge yet!

Ok so now you have to remember what I said in the first sentence. I hate to shop! But you and the SDM are now going into R&I Patton, my favorite jewelry store in the world.- I’m horribly prejudiced – my daughter worked there in high school and college and I’ve known the owners since 1973 when their shop was a hole in the wall – literally! Nonetheless the jewelry is fabulous and they have great ancient coin jewelry for the SDM. If you’re into gems point out your favorites to the SDM – he might as well get to know what they look like and R&I have great displays of all the good ones. Ok, now we’ve done one jewelry shop so go upstairs to Caravan Gallery for more jewelry and stuff from around the world–if the SDM is flagging send him to the Tap Room for a beer and hit all the shops you wanted to see on this side of the bridge before you retrieve him. I like the Fabric Mill for gifts and I love Trinidad Charlie’s Hot Sauce which they sell at the Deli Grotto.

It’s time to cross over the bridge to Big Planet, guy stuff there too so take the SDM inside. Will he look at Art? There is a great gallery called Bajo el Sol upstairs, if this is a NO for the SDM just leave him at Gecko Gazebo for another beer while you take some time to go to the shops you’ve passed. My theory is – If beer came with shopping more men would shop! Don’t forget Bougainville, a great clothing shop on the lower level, with Tommy Bahama shirts for him and fabulous resort wear for you.

Whew! I’m done shopping for days unless you want to go to St. John Hardware!
But if you need a little nosh you can get one at Sun Dog Café (attached to Gecko Gazebo), my favorite is there is the White Artichoke and Garlic Pizza – fabulously garlicky, you both have to eat it! Or go to the Ocean Grill across the bridge and have a great glass of wine and some aps at the bar.

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This is my website. I have done wood turning for many years in the Virgin Islands. I have more recently turned to fiber arts, both knitting and spinning (like knitting isn't strange enough.
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