Eileen, There’s A Pig In My Pool

I’m wondering if I will have enough good stories for the book I’m going to write when I retire, called: “Eileen, There’s a Pig in My Pool!”, if I start this blog?
As my Mother used to say, whenever I really wanted something,” We’ll see”.

I have been a vacation villa manager on the island of St. John for over 25 years; there will be some shameless plugs for our company, Catered To Vacation Homes, some good advice and some interesting stories about life on St. John in this blog. My SDM (sweet darling man), thinks I should do this – not sure if he really thinks I’ve got good stories and advice or if he thinks a blog will improve our website placement. So I told him I would start this and if I could crank out ten of them and not be bored or think I’m boring you to tears, I would give them to him to post. So if you’re reading this I succeeded, at least with the cranking part.

The one constant in 25 years of living on St. John is the abundance of what I call “simple pleasures”. This morning we were having breakfast on our dining deck. We have a large outdoor table under a roofed deck with huge arched openings that look out over Hart Bay and St. Thomas. SDM loves critters so we have a sugar bird, aka Banana Quit, feeder hanging from the rafters and an old casserole dish sitting on the rail. He fills the feeder each morning with pure white sugar and fills the dish with water. Then while we eat breakfast (the most important meal of the day and one of the five measures of longevity, more about that later) we watch the Banana Quits and the Bull Finches feed and bathe.

The feeding part is sometimes accompanied my some bullying and chasing but the bathing seems to be a cooperative effort with each bathing bird taking his or her turn to splash and fluff. Perhaps I’m easily amused, but this is a great way to start out the day and I defy you not to smile while watching birds in a birdbath!

Some of our villas have sugar bird feeders but you can put sugar in a small bowl on any rail on St. John and attract them. Add a bowl of water nearby and you’ve got entertainment. Now as with everything there is a downside. The birds sprinkle a fair amount of sugar onto the ground and it can become a sticky mess, though easily washed away with water. And the sugar will attract ants but they will attract our geckos, lizards, and skinks which are also quite entertaining. If you’ve got kids with you they might be dragged from the TV or their computer games to enjoy this – but I’d leave them if they’re kicking and screaming – after all some pursuits are really just for adults.

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This is my website. I have done wood turning for many years in the Virgin Islands. I have more recently turned to fiber arts, both knitting and spinning (like knitting isn't strange enough.
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