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Stonecourt after Hurricane Irma

This is what remains of our house in the Virgin Islands. Carrie and I built, expanded and lived in this house for over thirty years. Thank goodness we sold it a year and a half ago.

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Knitty Noddy Instructions

This is a link for simple instructions to create a cheap Knitty Noddy Download PVC-Knitty-Noddy Instructions

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Russian Spindles

Spinning spindles come in many different forms. I have been playing with Russian and Tibetan supported spindles since taking a class at Canyon Studios with Neal Brand.  The class was great, Neal and his friend John were great teachers! Now … Continue reading

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Button Boxes

Eileen’s All Buttoned Up Series of boxes along with some assorted turnings.

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Baby Hats and Fingerless Gloves

New Instructions Uploaded for Ravelery Users

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